What’s on my needles Wednesday: cowl, cabels and more

This time of year is very busy for sample knitters, my needles have been going non-stop and I love it. Unfortunately, sometimes I am not able to show you the fabulous things I am working on, most often because it is a soon to be released pattern or a new yarn.

My current project is amazing, simple but wonderfully cushy due to lots of cables. Now cables and I are still working on becoming BFFs, I find the right tools and technique make all the difference. I usually forgo the cable needles but these are big cables so it is needed and it is taking a little getting used to. Hopefully I will get to show you this wonderful project soon.

Curious minds want to know, how do you cable?

Big Herringbone Cowl

My other WIP is my Herringbone cowl. The temperatures had taken a dip here in Canada about a week ago, so I had brought this back out and done a few rounds here and there. However we currently seem to be having a bit of an indian summer and judging by the forecast I won’t be needing my cowl for a few weeks yet but the Malabrigo Rios is just so wonderful to work with.

I am off to Tami and Ginnys to see what everyone else has been up to lately and very much looking forward to meeting with my Knit’n’Night group tonight, first time since July! It promises to be a great day.


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